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Left Handed Scholarships

14 March

Some of the most successful people in the world are left-handed including former President Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Babe Ruth and Jimi Hendrix. Even people before your time such as Marie Curie, Leonardo da Vinci, and Napoleon Bonaparte were all left-handed. As unique as you are being left-handed, there are also very unique […]

One Man Earned $1.3 Million in Scholarships

14 November

Christopher Gray, an African-American from Birmingham, Alabama, has earned more than $1.3 million in scholarships along and he’s dedicating his life to helping students do the same. Gray attributes sites like to paving the way to helping connect people and scholarships. Christopher was born to a single mother in Birmingham so he knows a […]

How To Get Scholarships Easily

27 August

Scholarships have continued to assist students in funding their studies especially when a student cannot pay for his or her education due to a number of reasons. In essence, studying in a good institution requires a lot of money, locking many bright and deserving students. Fortunately, different organizations and institutions offer financial aid and students […]

Free and Easy Scholarships for Current and Prospective Students

14 July

There are free scholarships for all kinds of groups that can range from minorities to students already enrolled in school. Many of these scholarships are not widely known or posted to the public. More than $16 million in scholarships are thrown out year after year because many students do not even know about them or […]

Scholarships for Latino Students

10 September

There are many scholarships for latino students because many colleges and university are looking to diversity their ethnic make-up. This is a way to meet standards that are put in place by states and also to market their campus as diverse. Universities and colleges are essentially businesses so they will need to market their college […]

Black Scholarships for African-American Students

08 September

There are black scholarships for minorities available everywhere on the internet. More than $50 million in scholarships are given to African-American students every year. Because of affirmative action and college quotas that need to be met, there are plenty of scholarships available for black people. Below are where to start if you’re looking for black […]