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Coca-Cola Scholarship: How to Apply and Get Accepted

18 December

Things To Know About The Coca-Cola Scholarship Paying for college is a big pain for a lot of people. The price of a university or college education has continued to climb year after year. Unfortunately, wages have not been able to keep up with this unrelenting amount of price inflation. This is why now is the time to learn about obtaining scholarships to help pay for these expenses. The more scholarships that a person can get, the more they can offset the ridiculously high prices of attending college.

One of the most prized of all scholarships is the coca cola scholarship. This high-profile company is something that virtually everyone can relate to on some level. They clearly have a lot of funds to go around and to help out the future scholars of tomorrow. Today, we want to look at some of the requirements for getting those scholarships.

What Is The Deadline To Apply?

The deadline for getting your application into the company typically falls on October 31st at 5pm Eastern Standard Time. This is a very hard and fast deadline because there are so many people who are interested in getting their hands on this money.

Who Can Apply For This Scholarship?

The main restriction on who may apply for this scholarship is that you must be a resident of the United States, a temporary or permanent resident, a refugee in the country, or a Cubian-Haitian entree. The Coca Cola scholarship may extend to others at some point down the road, but for now that is the limit of who may apply for it and be considered.

Can A Home-Schooled Student Apply?

Some who is home-schooled is more than welcome to apply as long as they meet the citizenship requirements. The Coca-Cola company does not discrimination against those who take non-traditional educational paths.

Is The Scholarship Income-Based Or Merit-Based?

The bottom line for this particular scholarship is that it is merit based. There are a lot of scholarships (both private and public) that are based on the financial needs of the student. This particular scholarship focuses more on the demonstrated abilities of the applicant. Those abilities could be shown in a number of different ways and don’t necessarily have to come from the letter grades earned by the applicant.

What Does Coca-Cola Expect From Me?

Coca-Cola simply seeks to further the education of the general public. There are not particular restrictions or requirements on what a person does with the education that they receive. Clearly, Coca-Cola would like for the individual that receives a scholarship from them to use it to make a difference in the world.

What Is The Track Record Of This Program?

It is a very satisfying thing to say that the Coca-Cola company has been able to provide over six-thousand scholarships to worthy high-school seniors throughout the country in the more than thirty years that it has been operating this program. That has amount to nearly $70 million dollars in donations made from this company to help educate others.

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