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Top 5 Online Degree Programs

05 February

Before you submit your information to another form matching you to local colleges, get the details on how to really get the most out of your online degree program and more importantly, finding the right school for you.

Below you’ll find the Top 5 Online Degree Programs in the NationFeel free to click any one of the schools below to see if you can get matched to that school.

Central Michigan University

Located in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, Central Michigan University made our top 5 list because of several factors: Student engagement, technology, academics, and tuition costs. Founded in 2001, Central Michigan University has class sizes of under 25 and online resources archived for over 13 years that can be used in lecture material. Tuition costs is only $370 a credit and it does not matter if you are in-state or not.

SUNY College of Technology

SUNY College of Technology has a rolling deadline to apply and their online program was instituted in 2008. Tuition is a littler cheaper at $245 a credit but that is no indication of the value of education given. Faculty credentials and training received the highest mark in this school so you can have confidence when going to SUNY College of Technology that you’ll have the best instructors. The most popular major at this school is being a Registered Nurse.

PACE University

PACE University in New York made the cut again this year simply because they are a good school. PACE has a slightly higher dollar per credit tuition at $570 but are one of the best for Telecommunications, Technology, and Technician majors. If you are heading into the tech field, then PACE University is for you.

Pennsylvania State University

Pennsylvania State University, or simply known as Penn State, has one of the best online degree programs in the world. The tuition cost is average at $518 per credit, and they received one of the highest ranks in student services and technology along with student engagement. At Penn State, you can earn your entire degree online, whether if it is in Psychology, Nursing, Business, Commerce, Criminal Justice, or Organizational Behavior Studies. Penn State has one of the best retention rates for online degree programs.

University of Florida

Last but not least is the University of Florida and their online degree programs. The University of Florida tuition is the highest of any of the top 5 online degree programs, topping out at $812 per credit. It hits high marks in student engagement and faculty training and also has a lot of professors with experience. The average number of years of teaching online for their faculty is 6 years. The top majors at the University of Florida include Business Administration and Management and Sports and Fitness majors.

There are a lot of sites promising to quickly find you a school to match you up with and will do so in a matter of minutes. But here are some things you need to look for before finding the top 5 online degree programs in the nation.

Skip Ahead and Get Matched to a Top 5 Online Degree Program

1. Schools are Businesses
If think that schools are 100% altruistic in nature and only exist to help students, then you are wrong. Colleges and Universities are essentially businesses that make money off students tuition, room and board, dining, textbooks, and school supplies. Schools are run just like businesses where the principal or chancellor is appointed just like a CEO. The school is run like a tight ship where the brand or reputation of the school is important because it attracts students. Sports like football in colleges are also important because it brings awareness to the school and acts as a marketing tool. Also with tuitions and textbooks rising each and every semester or quarter, these profit margins for colleges are also increasing.

Not to say that colleges and universities who offer online degree programs are evil in nature. That is not the case. You just need to be aware that colleges do have something to gain when you attend their school and enroll in their online degree program.

2. Schools Fight for your Enrollment
What this means is that schools will fight for your business. Just like a retail store will fight for you to come in their store and purchase something to become their customer. Colleges do this on a larger scale. They are providing the value of an education and in return they get a monetary value and also increase their enrollment numbers. You can use this to your advantage. This means that schools will actively look for students who want an online degree. Colleges offer online degree programs for a range of people who do not have time to go to school full-time, have a busy lifestyle, and also have other responsibilities to take care of. You can get value out of these online degree programs by getting an education which can further your career. In order to maximize your chances of finding a school that is the best fit, you should definitely shop around.

Take 2 Minutes to Let Colleges and Universities Match to You

3. Online Degree Programs Were Created For You
Online degree programs were tailored specifically for people like you who do not have the time to go onto a school campus everyday. The top 5 schools below created these online degree programs as a wider net to cast on their prospective students so that they can provide their service of education to you. This means that there are a plethora of different kinds of programs and schedules. And with that, you can mix and match which schedule, classes, time frame within each school and see what works best for you. Some people can only take weekend classes, while others can log in ever day for their online degree. It depends on your busy schedule, but you can use this to your advantage and find an online degree program that works best for you by tailoring it to your needs.

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